INDIAN NATIONAL DRUG CO. PVT LTD is the first Ayurvedic G.M.P. certified Company in West Bengal.


As far as common perception is concerned, AYURVEDA is an ancient science and the procedure used for the preparation of Ayurvedic medicines is very archaic and primitive. But in actuality, Ayurveda is steadily being accepted the world over as an effective alternative medicine and with the passage of time, the methodology of the preparation of Ayurvedic drugs has also undergone a sea change. At Indian National Drug Company (IND), we prepare Ayurvedic Medicines with the help of modern technology and machineries in both the Production as well as the Quality Control sections.

As an example of the standard manufacturing procedure followed by IND company, we present to you a detailed account of two of our production sections, 

  • The Powder Section.
  • The Liquid Section.


Firstly, let us take you through a guided tour of the Powder Section which is used to manufacture our main product “MUCI-BAEL” (in Ayurvedic terminology – Sukhavirechan).

Powder Section


i)   We procure the raw materials from recognized suppliers.

ii)  It is then stored in the raw material store and sent to the Quality control (QC) unit for extensive testing to check for compliance with the required specifications.

iii)  On meeting the standard of expected quality, it is labeled as “passed” and sent for grinding after proper cleaning, sieving and drying.


The powdered raw materials as well as the excipients are weighed properly as per batch size under the supervision of qualified Ayurvedic Experts. All the ingredients are then transferred into the Mass Mixture machine for wet granulation.


After proper mixing, the materials (wet) are dried with the help of the Fluid Bed Dryer, while maintaining the time & temperature without hampering the medicinal values.


Then, the dried mass (macro granules) are passed through the Multi Mill to convert them into micro granules and stored in vats with proper labeling which contains batch number, batch  size and the  signature of the experts.


The final product is then ready for filling, sealing, capping & boxing with the help of the semi-automatic Filling & Sealing machine which is a GMP approved Model. At the time of filling, the weight of individual containers is checked at random and the weight of the individual final box is checked & signed by the experts.


The final boxes are then stored in quarantine till it gets the green signal from the Quality Control Department. Passed materials are transferred to the Finished Goods Store for selling.


Let us now take a look at the Liquid Section through the description of the production procedure of our products, “Dimezyme” (digestive enzyme) & “Pepliver” (liver protective tonic):

Liquid Section


 i)  We procure the raw materials (soft extracts) from recognized (GMP Certified) suppliers along with their QC test reports.

 ii)  Sample is then re-checked internally to ensure that the quality complies with the required specifications, based on which it is either passed or failed.


The soft extracts are dissolved in warm water & then the excipients are added and properly stirred with S.S Stirrer. Then it is filtered through the sparkler filter.


The total mixture is transferred into the S.S. mixing vat (1200 lit.) for final mixing and sorbitol is added to the mixture as per requirement. The volume is adjusted up to 1000 lit. with Reverse Osmosis water and is stirred with the S.S. Stirrer to turn it into a homogeneous mixture. Once the mixture cools down, the essence is added and stirred.


The final product is ready for filling, sealing, capping & boxing with the help of semi-automatic Filling & Sealing machine (GMP Model). At the time of filling, the volume of the individual bottles is checked at random.


The final boxes are stored in quarantine till they are passed from the QC Department. Passed materials are then transferred to Finished Goods Store for selling.

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